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There are relatively few karstic masses in the Hezar masjed-Kope Dagh zone where any geomorphological karst studies can is important be based on karst land form, calcareous aquifers, correlations of karst forms with karst hydraulic system, and land use and management in this area . This research is aimed at identifying and classification Karst forms basins in order to better and more accurately identify the karstas of this basin and to play an important role in land management projects in Karst areas . The research tool includes topographic maps, geology, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, digital elevation model (DEM) and ARC GIS software .After the boundary of the studied basin and identification of its karstic forms, the methods of classification Cvijic, Walthem, Komatina, and Herak for categorization of karstic forms of this basin were used.The karstic study of this basin shows that its karstic forms have a high diversity and include a variety of karren, Doline, karst valleys and karstic springs.The study of the karst forms of the Kalat basin revealed that, according to the Cvijic classification, these forms were in the row of transition karsts, based on Walthem and Fokes classification in the row of young karsts, based on the classification of the Komatina in the row of synclinal karst and based on the classification of Herak in the row of the karstic Orogeny.
mohsen rezaei arefi - mohammad ali zangeneh asadi - aboalfazl behniyafar - mohammad javanbakht
Keywords : Karst geomorphology ، Kalat basin ، Doline ، Karren ، Karstic valleys
The purpose of this study was to investigate and identify the effect of blocking systems on Iran's poisoning during the period 1975-2015 using the Blocking numerical index. The results showed that in the cold seasons most of the blockades affecting the atmosphere of Iran were in the northern Atlas. Also, the study of the severity of effective blockades affecting Iran's climate showed that the strong blocking is moderate in terms of the highest number after the blocking, indicating that Iran was more affected by moderate blocking (74.6%) and then strong (21.1%). The number of weak blocking is very low (4.3%). Due to the frequency of occurrence of blocking also was found wet Iran in months. Cold, the core of the blocking in between longitude 30 ° west and 30 ° East over the Atlantic formed and as the warm season approaching, the core the land was transferred to the regions dominated by positive changes in parameters affect precipitation. Also, in Bandal's review in different seasons, it was revealed that in winter, with the retreat of the adjacent high pressure and the strength of the polar vertex, along with the occurrence of strong and long blockades, the average rainfall is more than the other seasons.
meysam toulabi nejad - zahra hejazizadeh -
Keywords : blocking, numerical modeling, rainfall, wet year, Iran
One of the serious issues of spatial planning is to determine planning regions at different levels and on different scales. Hence, in most cases, the boundaries of administrative units or even their composition are the basis for measures. It can be argued that the fundamental problem arises when the question of planning is raised at the micro and lower levels of the provinces and districts, in the formal sub-regions and areas. The concept of the "constellation" has emerged in recent years as an alternative to these small levels of spatial planning, which represents the "district" unit. The key question in this regard is to what extent does the delimitation of the administrative divisions, which are often based on political considerations, conform to the requirements of planning? And can these units be considered as "functional regions"? In this context, this paper attempts to study these issues by considering the District Zia-Abad of Qazvin as a case study, while investigating these problems, using qualitative methods of discussion and relying on the “structural-functional dynamics” approach, to identify the opportunities and barriers to the formation of functional regions at the micro level, and the effectiveness of this level of space arena in the form of such administrative subdivisions. The results of the study show that the efficiency of constellations as functional regions depends not only on the deliberation of subdivisions, but also on the modification of infrastructure, the associated investments and effective support in the allocation of facilities and credits, the proper condition for the interaction and the functionality of existing settlements at the constellation level
seyedeh Kinaz Mahmoodi - Abbas Saidi - Hasan Afrakhteh - Farhad Azizpour
Keywords : Rural-urban Contellation ، Region ، Functional Region ، Integrated Rural-urban Development ، Zia-abad ، Qazwin
Abstract Tourism is a growing industry in recent years, with many positive economic benefits and benefits. For this reason, optimal marketing in this field and attraction of the audience is very important and, given the advancement of industry and technology in the present day, this marketing needs to be done through ICT, and the identification of the categories in this field is very important. High up. Accordingly, this research was conducted with the aim of evaluating the basic components of ICT in tourism marketing using structural equations of case study in Ardebil province. A sample of 385 experts, experts and experts of Ardebili were studied in a manner that The purpose of the research was to complete the researcher-made questionnaire. The results showed that 4 components of hardware, software, infrastructure of information and communication technology, knowledge management, expertise and innovation, and the variety of information technology application are the main drivers for the explanation of tourism marketing based on ICT. Are. Among the identified components, the category of infrastructure of information and communication technology has the most direct effect, as well as innovation and diversity has the most indirect effect, and in the identified components of the component can explain a large part of the tourism marketing variable. Based on the results, the designed model is an effective tool for identifying and evaluating the effects of tourism marketing components on the basis of ICT
- Alireza Estelaji
Keywords : Tourism ، ICT ، tourism marketing ، Infrastructure of Information and Communication Technology
In December 2011, popular uprising swept away Middle East and Africa north and wondered the world. This uprising led to Chain and unprecedented protests in the Arab region from Tunisia, Egypt Morocco to Yemen and Bahrain and took the protests to the street to call freedom, justice, democracy, human right and in one word “change”. Purpose of this research is present of comprehensive percept of Arab uprisings and explanation of popular sudden and spontaneity uprising in Middle East in year 2011 and until now. Method of research is descriptive and analytical method. This research based on credible sources is looking for to answer to this question “what causes and fields led to failure of Arabic revolutions and return of instability and continuing tyranny to Arab world. Findings of this research shows that sets of internal and external causes and varieties such as lack of essential cultural contexts (conditions) to establish of democracy, lack of political and judicial Institutionalization, weak of developments and economic and military Institutionalization and intervention of extra0regional power such as America, lack of Charismatic and empowered leader and weak of Discourse and people mobilization and…..have contributed in defeat revolution of Egypt ,Libya and Yemen and continuation of tyranny and Deficiency of democracy in Arab world. This research using theory of John Furan and Goldstone is going to explain why and how rise of different results in Arabic countries after Arab uprising year 2010 until now.
- hassan kamran
Keywords : flexibility, ، revolution, ، political mobilization, ، tyranny ، democracy

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